Justifiable Demands Require Validated Injury Severity for Proper Settlement

Just when you think you have a great case, you find out that the medical providers didn’t communicate with each other, or worse they have conflicting, even negating comments on what they have documented in their reports.

I’ve worked with thousands of cases and I have seldom found a medical case where the providers worked together for the common good of the patient. Yes, sometimes they “cooperate” in theory, but they rarely corroborate and strengthen each other’s findings. They don’t do that maliciously, they just haven’t been trained on the best ways to corroborate.

Today’s medical training provides a foundation for care, but it’s built on the notion that healthcare understands how to deal with liability insurers and your client’s traumatic injury care. You’ve experienced why that is not true, but what do you do?

PI Medical Fortress’s professional medical record preparation will help you deliver stronger proper medical value for your negotiation strategy. By improving the presentation elements of injury severity documentation, impairment ratings, treatments, and future medicals by using our proven strategic pathways of medical analysis and validation tools, you can obtain the best possible settlement value for your client.