Medical Record Analysis

It’s best to learn the strength of your client’s medical records BEFORE they have completed active care. Our team will review your client’s current treating records to determine if your client’s injury severities have been properly documented and communicated, correctly coded, mechanisms of injury provided, concussion recognition performed, pre-existing conditions addressed, GAP’s in care, quality of life survey’s, prognosis development, valid treatment plans, re-exams/surveillance exams, Maximum Medical Improvement attainment, impairments, future medical costs, summary reports and amending medical records have all been properly derived and implemented. These crucial points will help you create irrefutable evidence of medical necessity for the treatments your client has received when you enter negotiations with insurers.

When we have reviewed these crucial points, we can also deliver a roadmap for the treating providers to use in amending the errors discovered in their records and to add those services which may have been missed that would validate the severity of injuries your client received.